Project Deliverables

Deliverables are available for download from the Cordis website as soon as they are approved by the funding agency.  Locate “Results” 

Deliverable no. Deliverable name WP Lead participant Deadline
D1.1 List of policies relevant for sustainable multi-purpose forestry  at EU level pdf, 986kb WP 1 ALU-FR 2015-05-31
D1.2 List of data demanded by policies political decision makers and Key forest managers at different political levels and for different policy areas pdf, 2127kb WP 1 SLU 2016-05-31
D1.3 Synthesis report on data demand and data provision, including data flows at the science policy management interface and the barriers of data flows and a list of key parameters of forest data relevant for multiple policies at multiple levels WP 1 ALU-FR 2016-12-31
D1.4 Report on strategies for improving knowledge communication and information exchange at the science policy management interface WP 1 ALU-FR 2018-08-31
D1.5 Policy brief on strategies for improving  the science-policy management interface regarding forest information exchange WP 1 BFW 2018-08-31
D1.6 Two peer reviewed publications on data information processes at the science-policy management  submitted WP 1 SLU/ALU-FR 2019-02-28
D2.1 Report on the harmonization concept, identified and evaluated harmonisation options, and the methodology to bridge the gap between each national definition and the reference definition of COST Action E43 pdf, 1699kb WP 2 INRA 2016-08-31
D2.2 First set of total volume and biomass equations for the main tree species in Europe WP 2 INRA 2017-02-28
D2.3 Report on a general and flexible estimation procedure associating NFI field data with auxiliary data from various remote sensing sources and maps WP 2 INRA 2017-02-28
D2.4 Report on  plot data extraction algorithms from VHR images comparing various approaches (e.g., 2D textural analysis, 3D area-based approaches) on diverse forest types and structures WP 2 INRA 2017-02-28
D2.5 Report on information needs for forest management inventories including spatial and temporal scale of information WP 2 INRA 2017-02-28
D2.6 Algorithms for automatic tree detection, stem form in 3D and cloud density for small branches from TLS – M30 (T2.2) WP 2 INRA 2017-08-31
D2.7 Report on change detection on forest plots by VHR remote sensing sources WP 2 INRA 2018-02-28
D2.8 Report on the established bridging functions for volume estimation and harmonized stem volume estimates at the European scale and trans-national comparisons WP 2 INRA 2018-02-28
D2.9 Application of total volume and biomass equations by the contributing countries and report on the model evaluation and identification of potential causes of differences (model error, patterns in wood density and stem forms across Europe) WP 2 INRA 2018-02-28
D2.10 Report on the development of imputations techniques and updating algorithms, including concept and implementation (+36) and demonstration on case studies at various time points and spatial scales WP 2 INRA 2018-12-31
D 2.11 Report on methods and findings in case studies integrating MFIs and NFIs WP 2 INRA 2018-12-31
D 3.1 Report on the methodology for biodiversity assessment and forest conservation status in Europe.Prospects and recommendations for European wide assessments WP 3 INIA-UPM 2018-12-31
D 3.2 Report on the estimation of NWFP indicators based on NFIs harmonized information WP 3 INIA-UPM 2018-08-31
D 3.3 Report on the development and harmonization of social indicators. WP 3 UCPH-IGN 2018-09-30
D 3.4 Protective functions indicators and good practices guidelines WP 3 WSL-UPM 2018-09-30
D 3.5 Report on the methods developed and results for characterizing canopy fuel loads WP 3 INIA 2018-09-30
D 4.1 State of the art of forest disturbance mapping & analysis of systems in place pdf, 6151 kb WP 4 ALU-FR 2015-12-31
D 4.2 Report on linkage and coordination with other forest sector EO projects and initiatives Version 1 WP 4 ALU-FR 2017-02-28
D 4.3 Design & Specifications Version 1 WP 4 JR 2017-02-28
D 4.4 Methodology & methodology development report  – Version 1 (Tasks 4.3, month 24) – includes a documentation of generated data sets and delivery to users / in portals WP 4 JR 2017-02-28
D 4.5 Near real time disturbance indication mapping system & accompanying report WP 4 IGN-Escpace 2017-08-31
D 4.6 Reference data & validation system & user interface concept and implementation, user hand books WP 4 ALU-FR 2018-12-31
D 4.7 Report on linkage and coordination with other forest sector EO projects and initiatives Version 2 WP 4 JR 2018-12-31
D 4.8 Methodology & methodology development report – Version 2 (Tasks 4.3, 4.4 month 46) – includes a documentation of data sets provided, includes test phase report WP 4 JR 2018-12-31
D 5.1 Guidelines for harmonization of biomass supply analysis pdf, 983 kb WP 5 SLU 2016-02-29
D 5.2 Report on global equilibrium between biomass supply and demand under sustainability constraints WP 5 IIASA 2017-08-31
D 5.3 Report on biomass supply dynamics modelling methodology WP 5 Luke 2017-08-31
D 5.4 A pilot for sustainable biomass supply web-service WP 5 Luke 2018-06-30
D 6.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan  (pdf, 475kb) WP 6 UCD 2015-05-31
D 6.2 Project website WP 6 UCD 2015-05-31
D 6.3 Dissemination pack available to all partners via the project intranet, for customisation to appropriate audiences.

  1. Project leaflet for office printing (pdf, 2820kb)
  2. Project leaflet for print shop
  3. Project poster (pdf 4778kb)
  4. Project poster template for your content
  5. Project summary – short (.docx, 500kb)
  6. Project summary long (.docx, 590kb)
  7. Project presentation slides (pptx, 4016kb)
WP 6 UCD 2015-06-30
D 6.4 Proceedings of the mid-term project conference WP 6 UCD 2017-08-31
D 6.5 Proceedings of the Project final conference WP 6 UCD 2019-02-28
D6.6 Report on dissemination activities at workshops organised outside the project WP 6 UCD 2019-02-28
D 7.1 Consortium Agreement pdf, 5447kb WP 7 Luke 2015-03-31
D 7.2 Project management tools and procedures pdf 585 kb WP 7 Luke 2015-08-31