Diabolo Project Structure

The DIABOLO project consists of 33 partners from 26 European countries and the project is divided into seven Workpackages.  Due to the complexity of the project and the wide scope of the partners including both R&D performers, efficient, professional coordination and a clear management structure with well-defined responsibilities is a key prerequisite for successful implementation. Work Package 7 (WP7), led by the DIABOLO Coordinator, Luke, is devoted to project management, administration and quality assurance. The DIABOLO project is designed to be implemented in stages that are synchronized to provide essential linkages between the WPs, see Figure below:

WP explained - Click to enlarge

WP explained – Click to enlarge

Conceptual mapping of forest information demand, supply and flow (WP1), will support WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6; estimation and analysis techniques for extracting spatio-temporal information on forest parameters and condition based on time series of high-resolution remote sensing data (WP2) will be supported by EC space-based applications (WP4). In WP5 the pre-existing national estimates, model coefficients, and expertise is used; however, statistical sampling, generic estimation and modelling techniques to compute wood (WP2) and non-wood (WP3) forest parameters based on NFI field measurements can be utilised to meet the minimum input data requirement in countries where there is a lack of pre-existing knowledge, especially on the concept of integrating EO and field data for monitoring and supporting sustainable forest management. New methodologies (WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5) will support the development of strategy for the improvement of knowledge communication and information exchange (WP6).