Welcome to the website of the DIABOLO project.

The DIABOLO European Workshop on “Policy needs for and provision of forest information for policy making and practice in Europe” was hosted at the Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW), Vienna, from 19-20 September 2016. – Sharing experiences and ideas for added-value of forest information.

DIABOLO bridges the gap between forest information demand and supply in Europe. Go to news of the project meeting in Copenhagen. 

Download a copy of the project leaflet and the project poster. If you want to present the project, this DIABOLO presentation will help.

Our forests are in big demand. Increasing demand for biomass and other ecosystem goods and services calls for changes in forest-related policies at different levels and across different sectors. To deliver high impact, beyond state-of-the-art work within the ecological and socio-economic diversity in Europe, the transdisciplinary DIABOLO involves experts in quantitative modelling, policy science and NFIs, from 25 European countries, committed to provide new methodologies and information for various end-uses, including FISE , GLOBIOM and FAO/UNECE.

How can we provide relevant, harmonised, comprehensive and reliable up-to-date data and information?

First – improvements in the methods of data collection, such as national forest inventories and monitoring systems, in order to produce more accurate, harmonised and timely information that can be fed into EU forest information systems

Second – consistent, up-to-date forest information to support the development of EU policies and international processes

Third – methodologies to make innovative use of data collected using terrestrial, aerial and space based platforms.