New Open Access research paper from Forest Research Institute (FVA), Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Melanie Kirchhoefer, Johannes Schumacher and Petra Adler have recently informed us of the publication of their research paper “Potential of remote sensing-based forest attribute models for harmonising large-scale forest inventories on regional level: a case study in Southwest Germany” in the Annals of Forest Science, 76:33.

Melanie and her colleagues at the Department of Biometry and Informatics, Forest Research Institute (FVA) in Baden-Württemberg, Freiburg i. Br, Germany have been developing methods to support large scale forest inventories using aerial images. While this paper reports on the study based in south-west Germany, the authors describe how the methods may be transferred to large scale inventories in other areas and supporting harmonisation of large-scale forest inventories within the study region.  This link is for online reading the article: